Steam Cleaning Your Carpets
Our preferred method of carpet cleaning

Steam cleaning your carpet does a more thorough job than any other method available. Dust, dirt, and even those deodorizing powders you sprinkle on your carpet never get fully vacuumed out and settle into the base of the carpet. Steam cleaning is the only way to remove this kind of allergen laden debris out of the carpet.

Steam cleaning is method most endorsed by carpet manufactures' when it comes to removing embedded dusts and soils in your carpet.

With steam cleaning, steam is used to penetrate the fibers of the carpet and loosens grit and debris. The steam is delivered by a nozzle that shoots pressurized steam down into the carpet, and is immediately sucked out of the carpet by a powerful vacuum system. This steam penetrates through to the padding, loosening debris, oil and grease, and embedded dirt and grime, making it easier for the vacuum system to pull the dirt from the carpet.

Floor Essence uses truck mounted steam machines because they are the most powerful and do the best job. These units also allow us to bring only the hose and injection/vacuum head into your home to perform the service.

Steam cleaning your carpets regularly will dramatically increase the life of your carpet. Dirt and grime cause the fivers of a carpet to become compacted, holding even more dirt, dust, and oils in the carpet in a never ending cycle.

Steam cleaning lifts these contaminants out and returns the carpet fibers to their original fluffy state, making your carpet look fresh and new. Regular cleaning keeps the carpet looking fresh and new, while protecting your floor covering investment.

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