Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Repair

We offer complete hardwood floor refinishing services to solve any problem you are dealing with. Resurfacing, repair and refinishing are all options that may be viable in your situation, and we will help you determine what is best.

Normal wear and tear will leave hardwood floors dull and scratched. Older floors have problems with discoloration and fading. Pets and water can cause damage to your floors. You may be considering refinishing your hardwood floors because of these issues.

Many damaged hardwood floors can be repaired instead of refinished.

In many of these instances, repairing the problem spot on the floor is possible. This type of hardwood floor repair is one of our specialties. We do not recommend refinishing for every customer we serve, instead our policy is to visit your location at no cost and inspect your hardwood to see what options are available to you. Not all hardwood floors are alike. There is a multitude of woods used, and wood floors come in a variety of styles and quality. Each floor is an individual and must be assessed for the correct solution. This is why we always recommend a free no-obligation personal inspection of your flooring problem. Only by seeing first hand can a proper repair be made. Call us for a free assessment of the state of your floors, and let us help you decide the solution that fits your needs and budget. There is absolutely no obligation for this assessment.

When a repair is not a viable solution, we may be able to save you the expense of replacement by restoring or refinishing your hardwood flooring.